From Jean Bara, Parish Pastoral Council

Your Grace, Your Excellency, Fathers, Deacons, Sisters, my fellow parishioners and guests.


Friends - good evening and welcome to a night of celebration and reflection, as we relive the journey of our parish faith community over the past 100 years.

We will commence with hearing the Word of God, followed by interludes of spiritual music, reflections on features of our place of worship and stories of personal spiritual journey by:

Our Pastor – Archbishop Richard Smith,
Former Pastor – Archbishop Emeritus Joseph McNeil
Former Rector – Fr. Martin Carroll
Former Rector – Fr. Mike McCaffrey
Former Associate Pastor – Fr. Miguel Irizar
and many of our parishioners

This is an opportunity for our community to share together and reflect on how the church building is a place - of special significance - where profound emotions are engaged through baptisms, marriages, funerals, - and where private joy and sorrow mingle with the progression of the community’s worship and faith.

These places are physical signs of the commitment and generosity of generations, a link to the past and a touchstone for the present.

As we engage in these stories we will have an opportunity to reflect on how our worship space is an exterior manifestation of the interior spiritual life of the community and how it flows from the nature and life of the community voice of our parish and of the Church at large. How it speaks to who are we and what we do together.

Invite you sit back and enjoy this moving spiritual journey through time and reflect on your personal journey in our parish community.

Thank you to all – our church leaders, presenters, musicians, parishioners, volunteers and the 100th Anniversary Committee.

Let’s begin our journey together!